Adding Some 90s Spice to Pepper

The 90s. The era of wondering which Spice Girl best suited our new-found love of fashion and raring party personalities. Then deciding perhaps, we were more of a Carrie, Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte.

The era of pop music and finally bringing football home has had a large influence on modern day fashion. Don’t get me wrong, there were trends we have all etched out of our memories, the photos have been hidden deep, and you got rid of a HELL of a lot of denim. But some trends are here, and here to stay.

The 90s was the decade that Fendi blessed the world with their iconic baguette bag. Petite in size, yet opulently embellished, the accessory stole the hearts of women across the globe. They were incredibly hard to resist, with their hands-free strap meaning they were entirely practical, whilst small enough to only carry the essentials – your flip phone, keys and lip-gloss.




We aimed to reimagine the classic Baguette Bag, inspired by early Fendi, Prada and Louis Vuitton, and created our latest addition to the Pepper Collection. The Pepper Mini.

Featuring a stylish short strap, zip closure and our iconic PGC lettering, it is the ideal size for carrying your daytime and evening essentials, from boozy brunch with the girls to an evening dinner date.

Both colours of the Pepper Mini are beautifully seasonless, meaning you match them to the day’s outfit aesthetic rather than the weather outside. The Black Pepper Mini will match any colour in your wardrobe, but we especially love wearing it with an all-black outfit while experimenting with textures. We’re talking teddy bear coats and leather trousers.


Our Beige Pepper Mini is also a chic addition to any outfit with a neutral pallet. Think warm caramels, sultry browns and dusky creams. This beautiful shade also blends beautifully with light pink and blue tones, making it the perfect seasonless accessory.


What has made the Baguette Bag so timeless, is its simple design and ability to suit any look. The Pepper Mini does just that. It isn’t just a bag for one season, but an accessory which will carry you throughout your journey with fashion.