The V/Galentines Gift Guide

Valentines Day. The day extreme PDA is for some reason acceptable and the entire world seems to be loved up. Red roses fill our Instagram feeds as restaurants put up the prices of their cosmopolitans and steaks. 

However, not all hope is lost, as a new movement is upon us. Galentines Day. So this year we’re not just celebrating our baes, but the girlfriends that are in our lives. Yes having a partner at times can feel like the best thing in the world. Breakfasts in bed, late night films, soppy date nights, but who do you go to with your deepest darkest troubles? Your friends. And they deserve a hella lot of appreciation! The friends you can FaceTime at any time of the night when 'gym guy' ghosts you. The friends that will trawl Zara with you for hours to find that perfect Saturday night dress. Yes having a partner is great, but they can’t always tick the boxes that a BFF can.

BFF appreciation rant over, we’ve put together a killer Gift Guide featuring some of our signature pieces that make the very best gifts. Whether you’re shopping for your girls this galentines, or maybe your boo needs some hints this valentines, we’ve got your back…

Pepper Girls Club Sock CollectionPepper Socks in White
Faux Fur Tote in White
Boyfriend Hoodie in Grey
Pepper Smock CollectionBasic Smock Dress in Nude
Pepper Slider CollectionPepper Sliders in Cream
Pepper Purse CollectionFaux Cowhide Purse in Tan & Black
Pepper Star Sign CollectionStar Sign Tee Collection