Seasonally Transitioning Your Pepper Wardrobe

Our current wardrobes consist of a rather odd amalgamation of winter sweatpants, summer loungewear, and spontaneous sale purchases we began hoarding in March. But one skill we could all work on is the ability to transition our wardrobes from one season to the next.

We’re surrounded by fast fashion. As one trend lands on our doorstep we add another to our basket. It’s dizzying at times, staying up to date with what’s in and what’s out, and I’m sure our bank accounts are feeling this pressure as well. Simply being able to rework your existing wardrobe means you can get more wear out of the items you love.

This is a trend we’re even beginning to see on the runways. Layering your most elegant summer party dress with a casual t-shirt and boots for winter seems to have been a recent winner. At Pepper Girls Club we collate our collections to make them seasonless. Hoodies which are perfect for winter afternoons in, but also as a comfortable layer on a cool summer’s evening.

Our collection of chic Pepper bags is no exception and luckily when it comes to accessories, it’s much more straight forward. Tones of beige and dusty pink in the winter? Hell yes. Sleek PVC black accessories in summer? Why not?

We want to show you some of our gorgeous Pepper Girls and demonstrate how your Pepper hauls are more than a one hit wonder. Take @hanndewhurst, showing us that the Pepper Tote isn’t just our go-to shopping tote, but is the ideal beach bag due to its PVC texture. Summer may be a few months away, but a girl can dream.

We can’t wait to see how you rework your wardrobes post-lockdown and be sure to keep tagging us on Instagram and Facebook!