Grocery Shopping. But Make It Chic.

Our brand-new Canvas Totes slid onto the scene this month after we wanted to launch a bag that would be just as practical as it was trendy!
An everyday bag that was made of quality fabric, featured an honest quote, and most importantly could keep up with our hectic lives. Something that could carry our everyday essentials as well as those last-minute bits and bobs we pick up in town.
Gone are the days of plastic shopping bags. With fashion sustainability becoming one of the most important topics of conversation for our generation, it’s really a worldwide issue that can’t be ignored. Thanks to its thick canvas fabric and durable stature, our Canvas Totes can be rolled up and kept in your handbag ready for your supermarket shop or beauty product splurge. It’s a miniscule change saying no to 10p carrier bags, but if we all play our part, that’s a hell of a lot less plastic in our oceans and landfill. And that’s what we like to hear!
Our Canvas Tote collection comes in five different designs, but all include a magnetic fastening to keep your belongings safe, as well as a handy inside pocket for your most needed items.
Take a look at the new collection below! And be sure to keep tagging us on Instagram and Facebook with your latest Pepper hauls.

Pepper Girls Club Canvas Tote Collection