Dress it up, dress it down…

We are always looking to the gorgeous Hannah Dewhurst for fashion inspo and style tips, as she’s always sharing such beautiful looks over on her gram and she’s also a massive Pepper Girls Club fan! So we were having a little stalk the other day and noticed these two looks, both featuring our Bucket Bag. All the team thought it was the most perfect example of dressing an item up or down, which not only encourages sustainable dressing (why buy two handbags when you can use the same one twice!) but also means that you can rewear your favourite pieces over and over again.

Our Bucket Bags are incredibly versatile; neutral colours and adjustable straps mean that you can use them to accessorise any outfit, for the day or for the night. In fact, Hannah shows us here that you can do this super simply.

The first (and probably only) rule is to make sure that your shoes and handbag match. Hannah has chosen to match by colour, with white heels or white trainers, but you can also do this more loosely by style, or by texture perhaps - just any element of each that pairs the two together.

In terms of outfit, Hannah’s ‘Dress it Down’ includes a pair of flattering white joggers and a nude crop. The neutral colours and simple nature of each piece makes for an understated outfit, and her white accessories fit perfectly. And to ‘Dress it Up’? The white bucket bag is matched with white heels and a white tie corset, paired with denim shorts - elegant and sexy, our favourite combination!

So there you have it, by following that simple rule and working your outfit around it, you can very easily re-use a statement piece, from day to night, over and over again. Thanks to the lovely Hannah for this great inspo, but we’d love to see your outfits too! Make sure you tag us or send us your ‘Dress it up, dress it down’ looks so we can see how you restyle your fav statement piece.